5 STAR PLUS is my rating!  Howard McKay and his team are the best around and I can personally vouch for this.  I have known Howard professionally and personally for many years and I tell you this man is golden.  You will not only get the best care, but you will want to come back again and again.


I have been a patient of Howard McKay for approximately 12 years.  I have never met a more experienced injector.  He is meticulous and professional and I have always achieved excellent results with his injecting skills.  I have tried other injectors before I met Howard and no one else even comes close to the experience and knowledge of Howard.  I am also in the medical field, so I realize the importance of being knowledgeable with the anatomy of the face.  Howard takes time to mark the landmarks on your face to ensure that he is injecting the exact spot with precision so that his clients are satisfied.  Many people think that Botox and fillers are for women only and that is simply not true.  I am a male, and from a guy’s perspective, I want to achieve a younger look that is natural.  That is one of the many reasons that I will only go to Howard.  He uses the conservative approach and does not try to oversell products/services to me.  He has always told me that he can add more but can’t take it away.  He is not the type to inject areas that are not necessary.  By far, Howard is one of the most professional, knowledgeable, and ethical persons that I have ever met and would NEVER consider going to anyone else.  I highly recommend Howard to anyone, male or female.  You will not be disappointed.  This is a guarantee that I am willing to put my name on.

Darrell W.

Howard McKay is just a JOY!! So happy and calming to my spirit when I get Botox. Sometimes it is hard to be calm when someone is headed to your face with a needle. Would highly recommend him! Excellent results.


Howard was wonderful! He is an expert in fillers and Botox. He was so meticulous and careful with the filler that the results are amazing. I felt that I was being cared for by a expert he explained everything that he was doing, and what to expect. He was trustworthy, honest, and compassionate. He made sure that there was no pain while he was injecting.

Forever Client

Med Spa by Howard-5 Stars!!


I have been going to Howard for 10 years and I can’t say enough about him!  He is extremely knowledgeable, honest, personable, and caring!  His work is amazing and he always makes sure that you get the results you want!  I trust Howard 100% and highly recommend him!


I was impressed with Howard’s medical training and skills.  With over 20+ years of experience, he knows what he’s doing!  Howard has even trained doctors how to do this.  He’s got the best bedside manner and he’s the ultimate professional.  As a patient, he took time to listen and allow me to ask questions.  As a registered nurse myself, I 100% trusted his training and abilities and would highly recommend him to friends and family.


I have been and have seen Howard’s clients for over 10 years and I love how he is driven to perfection.  I cannot praise his work enough.  He is an artist, skilled in the use of all medical mediums to achieve a perfectly natural and beautiful cosmetic outcome without surgery.  He truly can erase years off of your appearance.

LM, Physician

Howard is truly a master in his craft!  I have been his patient for 3 years.  Beautiful results with Botox and fillers EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!!  He is a strong patient advocate and takes the time to listen and know his clients.  There aren’t enough words to describe how true, honest and brilliant Howard is and what a wonderful artist he is.  He’s the only one for me!!!.


I’ve been going to Howard for at least 10 years and I’ve always been happy with the results.  Had to go to someone new for my last Botox appointment because Howard wasn’t available.  I wasn’t happy with my results and will go back to Howard only.


I have known Howard for almost 10 years.  He is the only person who has ever done Botox on me and he is great.  I would never see anyone else for Botox.

Male Client

I have had Botox injections with several different providers over the years, and I can honestly say that Howard is one of the best.  Injecting Botox and fillers is an art form that takes years to fine-tune.  Howard has that experience.  He takes the time to understand what you want, is conservative in his approach, and has the medical knowledge necessary to provide the desired results.  I highly recommend his services.

I have been going to Howard for my fillers and Botox for almost ten years.  He is the best out there!
Leigh Allen

If Howard McKay moved to El Paso, I would follow him there.