Brotox. Why Should Women Have All the Fun?

Why more and more men (and women) are getting Botox...

When it comes to fine lines and wrinkles, more men (and women) than ever are opting for Botox injections. The stigma that once came with cosmetic procedures only being for middle aged women is slowly fading, and more and more men and younger women are jumping on the bandwagon. What can we say? Results are results!

Past studies have shown that females have accounted for more than 83% of med spa clients, but the share of men is growing--and growing quickly. According to a new study from Cosmetic Dermatology, the number of American men receiving Botox injections has increased by 258% over the last decade.

The same study points out that a youthful appearance actually allows men (and women) to generate more revenue than their older looking peers, and if you happen to be out of work--it can actually give you an edge in finding a new job. When looking for new clients to hire, supervisors are more likely to choose healthier more youthful looking employees over those who look tired, run down and lethargic.

We've found that our male patients who have tried Botox look better, feel better and they even believe it gives them a competitive edge in dating and the workplace. Now, our female clients have obviously been raving of Botox for years--it's just taken a little longer for the men to catch on!

“I have known Howard for almost 10 years. He is the only person who has ever done Botox on me and he is great. I would never see anyone else for Botox.” - Male Client

Just one appointment for Botox can decrease deep lines and wrinkles for up to 3-6 months, and if used consistently, our combined treatments of Botox and Juvederm can actually cause wrinkles to disappear completely. Many of our clients are beginning Botox injections in their early to mid twenties as a preventive measure against aging in their later years.

For those who don't know, let us catch you up to speed. Botox injections temporarily relax muscle areas by blocking nerve impulses that trigger contractions (which naturally softens wrinkles and fine lines). We like to use Juvederm injections as a filler and volumizer for maximum results for our patients--thus, working to eliminate those unwanted fine lines and wrinkles.

At VILLAGE AESTHETICS, we believe the health of your skin and appearance is of highest importance. If you desire younger, brighter and healthier looking skin--then stop into VILLAGE AESTHETICS today to schedule an appointment or to discuss the benefits of Botox for your specific skin type. Our highly trained medical staff has many years of cumulative experience in this area, and our clients rave about our services.

“I’ve been going to Howard for at least 10 years and I’ve always been happy with the results. Had to go to someone new for my last Botox appointment because Howard wasn’t available. I wasn’t happy with my results and will go back to Howard--only.” - Kathy

Come, see for yourself--and leave looking ten years younger.

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